"You Can Choose...Business Education" is a video created by Katie Rosenkranz, Amy McFarlen and Kyle Caron to promote business education courses to high school students. We chose to promote business education courses to students by focusing on the relevance and practicality of the skills and knowledge obtained through business education courses in one’s daily life. “You Can Choose… Business Education“ showcases different situations that students could be facing now or at some point in their lives, and the possible negative outcomes from not being informed or educated on the topic. What we are trying to convey to students in this video is the authentic learning that is in business education courses, and the real-world applications and everyday skills learned. We used a basic video camera and Windows Movie Maker to create this video. The music is a track called "Morning Dew" and is from Purple-Planet Music, which is a site that offers royalty-free music, under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Regan Bompais (poem) and Jennifer Thomas (posters) created the following aids to help promote Entrepreneurship 30.

Imagine a place where you can come to grow
Learning important information that you did not know
Experiential learning through projects and games
Always new situations that are never the same
Using creativity to come up with exciting ventures
Having a teacher around for help and a mentor
A fun and fascinating class you will not regret
With tons of knowledge you will never forget
Business education is a great place to be
Come check it out and you will definitely agree
If you are wild and fun and want to get a grip
Let’s discover the world of entrepreneurship!